Data science for

The world is increasingly inundated with data. This is especially acute in the life sciences where next-generation sequencing has created a tidal wave of multi-omic information. As a result, the major challenge in microbiology has shifted from data generation to processing and interpretation. This necessitates training in data science, an interdisciplinary field linking big data with statistics, mathematics, and computer science.

Toward this goal, the Experiential Data science for Undergraduate Cross-disciplinary Education (EDUCE) initiative at the U. of British Columbia is creating a broadly deliverable and flexible program for data science education in microbiology. EDUCE delivers modules in 7 undergraduate microbiology courses as well as open-access workshops in collaboration with the Applied Statistics and Data Science Group. These modules provide basic to intermediate training in data science applications including command line, R/RStudio, statistics, and next-generation sequence analysis.

All of EDUCE’s materials are open-access (GNU General Public License) and accessible through the EDUCE GitHub and this site.