Data Manipulator allows you to explore complex data sets without the need to install software or write code. While their are many possible functionalities, the main motivation for our Data Manipulator is to allow you to explore microbiome data that you wish to incorporate into your own customized EDUCE module(s).

Working backwards from the OTU/ASV count files used as inputs for our modules, the Data Manipulator explores common:

Once you have finalized the methods you would like to use, the tool allows you to download a copy of the cleaned data that you can then input directly in our Course Compiler.

Due to server constraints, multiple imputation and variance stabilizing transformation are currently unavailable in the app. To run them on your own, checkout the R packages mice or DESeq2, respectively.

To use the Data Manipulator, simply deploy the Shiny app from this site, upload your data file, and begin exploring your data! We have some practice data sets obtained from the EDUCE example data.

If you wish to use your own data, the file must be in .txt format with samples as rows and OTU/ASV counts as columns.

Validate Data

Users can help us test the Data Manipulator App by providing their own data files for integration testing. Please upload your file in the tool and press the “Validate Data” button. This will save a copy of your file on our server so that we may use it in future tests.

Please do not upload any proprietary or confidential data.

Original build: Jonah Lin
Updates: Kim Dill-McFarland